OAKS Inset Day - Friday 23rd November

School will be closed to ALL students on Friday 23rd November.

Year 11 Prom

It has been said many times that the Year 11 class of 2011 are a very special group of students and nothing proved this more than their Prom on Friday night. Guests arriving at the Bromsgrove Hilton Hotel must surely have thought they were arriving at the Oscars as they manoeuvred their way along the red carpet entrance through the stunningly-attired St Thomas Aquinas School students, without doubt the most sophisticated and elegant prom goers ever.


Each new arrival was greeted by cheers and applause and when most students were assembled, they moved into the hotel itself and the Prom began. The dance floor was packed from the moment the DJ began playing and students enjoyed the buffet meal, dancing with friends, finding pictures of themselves in Year 7 on the display boards, posing for photographs and chatting with staff. Throughout the evening, students waited patiently to have their professional photos taken and when all small group shots were complete, Miss Lay gathered the students together outside for a full year group photo.


Throughout the evening, it was a pleasure to chat to these students, join with them on the dance floor and share their enjoyment of the evening. Thank you to all of the staff who came along to support year 11 on what was a wonderful night and in particular, thank you to Mr Nolan and Mr Tinsley, who photographed the event for the school, Richard Gale and his wife, our professional photographers, and above all to all of our amazing year 11 students. Make sure you look at the photos of the event!


Miss Stevens
Head of Teresa House



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