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Year 11 Parents Letter 17 May 2010

Dear Parents


As promised in the Friday Letter, I am now writing to outline the arrangements regarding Year 11.  There are a number of issues to outline:


1)   Revision Programme - Super Learning Days

      Most Year 11 students have been working very hard on their revision programme since Christmas.  It is essential they continue to do so.  In addition, we have arranged a series of Super Learning Days in nearly all GCSE courses for students who would benefit from them.  Those involved will be given further details shortly.


2)   Year 11 Mass and Evening of Celebration - Thursday 27 May

      All parents are invited to join at of the Year 11 Mass and Evening of Celebration which begins at 7.00 pm.  Please note all students must be in full school uniform.  Whilst other family members are welcome as well as parents, we do not recommend the evening for young children who are likely to find it somewhat lengthy and boring.


3)   The Year 11 Prom - Bromsgrove Hilton - Thursday 17 June

      The Prom is always a spectacular evening and I am sure this year will be no exception.  The fee is £25.00 which should be paid to Miss Anna Stevens by 11 June.


4)   Leaving Date - Wednesday 16 June

      Year 11 will officially leave school at 3.10 pm on Wednesday 16 June.  After that they will be required to attend only for examinations or for Super Learning Days as required.  We have great confidence in Year 11and we know that they will respond as we would wish.  However, I must repeat to parents what I told them at Assembly.  If any individual student acts inappropriately between now and 16 June he or she will not be attending the Prom and will have their misdemeanour recorded on their future school reference.


GCSE Results Day - 24 August

This is the big day and most of our students will be delighted.  Whatever their results we will be there to advise and support them on the day.  To date 135 students have applied to join the Sixth Form and they will receive more details on 24 August.


Finally, let me finish by wishing our Year 11 students every success and thanking you as parents for supporting them.  I look forward to seeing you next week at the Mass and Evening of Celebration.


With best wishes



Jim Foley 









1/We will be attending the Year 11 Mass and Evening of Celebration. 


Please reserve  ____ seats for me.  NB Do not include your Year 11 son or daughter in your return.


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