Year 10 Mass 2010

The Year 10 Mass is always a lovely occasion, incorporating as it does, the experience that many of the pupils have had in their retreat at Soli House. The theme of the Mass was ĎA change of heart', challenging all year 10 pupils to make a difference to other people's lives and to reflect on their decisions in the future. The opening procession displayed the posters of each form group and how they would change certain part of their lives which was a point of reference for all through the Mass. There was a quiet reverence throughout and it was clear that pupils regarded the Mass as a very special occasion for their year group and were an absolute credit to both themselves and tutors.

It was particularly pleasing to see members of year 10 leading the music, which they had learnt from Soli House themselves.

Pupils were delighted to see Sarah Crutch, a former Aquinas pupil, Hannah and Fr Bill, all members of the Soli House team, join them for the celebration.

Thanks as ever to the most fantastic form tutors for preparing their pupils, to Father Stefan for celebrating Mass and of course to Mrs. Kelly, Miss. Lay and Mr Perry who worked unstintingly to make the Mass so special.

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