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Highest number of applications for places in Year 7 next year since 2005!

Year 7 Mass

Hours of planning and lots of rehearsing preceded the first year group Mass for our new Year 7’s yesterday.

The theme was ‘Community’ and we were celebrating the new community of Year 7 at St Thomas Aquinas School.

By 9.00, the school hall was all set up with a board of hands with every pupils’ name on it, centre Each form group were responsible for preparing an aspect of the Mass and all members of Year 7 sang their hearts out.

There was a real sense of community and reverence which was appreciated by the parents who attended. Mr Stephenson said afterwards that he was proud of his Year group in their first year Mass together.

Many thanks to our Lay Chaplain Anne-Marie Tibbits for her help in organising the children along with Mr Stephenson (Head of Year 7) and the tutors but above all congratulations to all of Year 7 for making the Mass such a special and reverent occasion.

Student Write Ups
Yesterday, we had our first year Mass and it was fantastic. The structure and preparation were excellent. I loved the singing and my favourite hymn was ‘Jesus is the Rock’ because it had cool actions to it. I think everyone liked that as well. All the readings were very good and I think everyone put effort and soul into it. I really enjoyed it and hope our next Mass is as successful.

(Olivia Young 7HGI)


In our school Mass, people were reading from the gospels and saying prayers. They were nervous but did very well. I was a reader too and I felt nervous because I was the opening speaker at the start of the Mass. I think we did really well for the first time because everyone listened and was very calm. I am sure our next Mass will be even better.

(Aishah Kaur 7HGI)

The Year 7 Mass was a lovely occasion with all the year group celebrating in the hall.  7WGA led the opening procession, bringing our school planner, school tie and jumper, sporting trophies, a crucifix and a statue of Saint Thomas Aquinas.  7JDE led the penitential rite then 7CCO said the readings and psalms.  7SDI read the bidding prayers and 7HGI led the offertory procession.  During communion, 7AWE sung a lovely song.  Afterwards 7GME performed their ‘colours of the rainbow' drama. All in all, it was a very special time for the Year 7 community.  Father Stefan led the Mass and delivered the homily.  We would all like to thank him for leading our worship and our first celebration together as a year group. 

(Camilla King 7GME)

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