Guernsey 2009

When Mr Stephenson first came into the assembly to show us a video of what it would be like if you got picked to go to Guernsey, we instantly knew that we wanted to be part of this exciting once in a life time trip. We persuaded our parents that we had to go, so they signed a form for us to do so, but we still had to hope that we would get picked!

That day came when we finally set off and before we knew it we were on the coach at 4 in the morning. When we got on the ferry, little did we know that it was a bad idea to eat! About three quarters of the pupils that went on the trip had green faces (including Miss Lay!).

As we arrived on shore at Guernsey, everyoneís faces lit up at the sight of this wonderful island; the sun was shining and it was like a dream fantasy island! We finally got to the campsite, and we went to our tents to unpack, and then gathered in the eating tent, where we were told that we were going to Cobo Bay (this is a beach 10 minutes down the road). The minibus rides were the best! We had singing and dancing and Mr McInerney was always putting on the right tunes (Unlike Mr Jaep!). When we got to Cobo Bay, we all ran into the sea! It was a Guernsey Tradition.

The Duty days were a laugh! We experienced different meals from around the world, as well as having fun making them at the same time. For some people it was their first time cooking or serving a meal! But overall every meal that was cooked was a success and they tasted delicious. Every night we had a mug of hot chocolate and McVities Bikkies! As everyone was together, we felt it was a good time to have a reflection. We reflected on the day and were told what we were doing the next day.

When we had free time, we mostly played on the fields with the rope swing, Go karts and the Massive Tube! As well as the children having a good time, so did the teachers! They mucked about with the children and generally had a great time! In our free time when we went to the Beau Sejour, we could wander up to town and have a look. It wasnít very big but it had a few shops we knew. All the public knew what school we had come from because we were such a big party on such a little island. The staff took us to a U2 tribute band where everyone sat on the beach and danced to one of the biggest bands in the world.

On Herm we had quite a few competitions such as the sculpture competition and the smallest shell competition. It was rather fun; we had many different and unusual sculptures like a cow, a boat and an octopus! Herm is so small that they donít have cars on the island; they only have quad bikes! And if you think thatís small - take a look at Sark! Now thatís small! Guernsey is a very clean island. No litter anywhere! Life is so safe there, they can even put boxes of fruit and veg outside the house and a money box so that people can just come up and buy some!

Option day was where you could pick where you want to go. There were 4 options: Cycling on Sark, The German Occupation Museum, Cinema and Bowling and The Beau Sejour.

The talent show was one of the highlights of the trip; many people showed off their talents. There was a variety of acts, from Karate to dancing, from Latin singing to pop music. It was quite funny! Then the advance party teachers and boys had a dance off! This was another story. At the end of it we were rolling on the floor laughing! (ROFL as Mr McInerney would say!)

The 10 days went so fast that before we knew it, the last night disco was here! The girls spent hours getting ready whilst it was 2 minutes for the boys! Everyone danced around the dance floor and had the times of their lives! People danced with anyone they saw as we were like one big family in Guernsey! Even the teachers joined in with Mr Perryís famous lawnmower! After dancing around, it was time for the Awards. Many people got Awards but well done to the campers of the year who were: Kaylib Clements and Gemma Baker!

The dreaded morning came where everyone had to pack and leave the Campsite! We had made a lot of new friends and we were like completely new people as Guernsey allowed us to show our true colours in ourselves. Even though the weather was not kind to us (it rained nearly every day!), people still made the effort to try and forget the rain and to think it was sunny! In the end we were very glad to see our families standing at the gates of St Thomas Aquinas (at 3:00am ! !) with open arms and big grins on their faces!.

It was a privilege to be part of the Guernsey 2009 Crew and we will never forget the memories, the friends and the experiences we had from this amazing island. It was truly a once in a life time trip, and any new year 7 pupil should look forward to the opportunity to go in the future!
Thank you for all the staff who took the time to organise the trip for us! Guernsey Ď09 never forgotten!

Charlotte Flynn 8RSI & Ella Stephenson 8AHE

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