Year 12 Prayer Service, Sports Day and BBQ

Year 12 celebrated their last day of term on the 12th of July with a prayer service and assembly in which they reflected on the past year. They said their goodbyes to Mr. Horner and Mrs. O’Connell, and to their head of year, Mr. Docherty, who received an excellent speech from Tom Kirsz and Ciaran Clifford, and a standing ovation from the students for his service to the year group. Afterwards, Year 12 forms competed against each other in the egg and spoon, wheelbarrow and three-legged races for their annual sports day. Whilst everyone took part with enthusiasm, it was 12 MLA who won the day! Finally, Mr. Horner gave Gordon Ramsay a run for his money by cooking up burgers for all on the BBQ. A perfect end to a great year!

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