Teresa House Mass - 16 June 2011

Teresa House celebrated its first House Mass on Thursday morning. It was a wonderful occasion which brought all members of the House together: students, tutors, support staff and Teresa House's link governor - Mrs Natalie Carry.

The Mass was themed around the inspirational life and words of our Patron, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta; her grace, calm and reverence was reflected in the respectful and spiritual manner of each and every student.

Father Stefan's homily encouraged students to think about the qualities of our Blessed Mother Teresa. He explained that she was a powerful and prayerful woman who was determined to make a big difference in the world and care, in particular for those who were unwanted by society. After Communion, we had the opportunity to listen to a recording of Mother Teresa talking about the role and responsibility given to Our Lady by God and how this reflects upon our lives.

A lot of preparation preceded this first Teresa House Mass. All forms were represented by members who contributed to the Mass by reading or writing bidding prayers - many thanks to all of them, but especially John Raven, Ethan and Olivia Young, and Ben and John Tibbits who contributed to the Mass by showing their talents as musicians. Special thanks also go to Teresa House's wonderful tutor team who worked hard preparing the students for the Mass. Thanks also to our Lay Chaplain, Anne-Marie Tibbits, Miss Clapham and the choir for their contributions to the Mass, and Mr Mobbs for his help transforming the main hall into our place of worship.

Miss Stevens
Head of Teresa House

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