Good Shepherd Mass - 17 May 2011

On Tuesday I visited St Chad's Cathedral with some other members of Bosco house to give in our check for £894.23 to the Father Hudson's society. I felt very proud that day in St Chad's Cathedral to stand for Bosco house and for St Thomas Aquinas secondary school. When I got to St Chad's Cathedral I saw loads more of other schools and we were one of the few secondary schools supporting the Father Hudson's society which made me wonder why not many schools support such a great charity. Later that day near the end of the Mass the Rt.Rev. Bishop Pargeter asked for all the schools to bring up there checks for our charity, this was our proudest moment walking up that isle with are rather large cheque going to a great cause.


The Good Shepherd Mass was a lovely occasion and the theme for this was ‘Love one another, as I have Loved you'. It was full singing and celebrating all of the hard work lots of Primary school and a hand full of secondary school had put into during Lenten Charities. All Bosco House should be very proud as the Father Hudson's Society were very grateful and told us of the good that the money would go to. Ryan Young from our school read the first reading superbly and Bosco was represented by a further 13 students who did us proud. It was a truly moving occasion to know that all the hard work is going to such a good cause.


Ryan Crozier
Bosco House 7D

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