Romero House Mass - 9 May 2011

We have always had a great tradition of Year Masses at St Thomas Aquinas but I must say the House Masses this year have been even better and Romero House was no exception on Monday.  Thank you to Fr Stefan supported by Mr Smith and the countless students who played an active role in preparing and participating in the Mass.  At the end I was delighted to be able to congratulate Romero House on winning the trophy as the highest achieving House during the Spring Term.  And it was good too to be able to thank the tutor team and all the staff members of Romero House for their outstanding work.  It was a particularly poignant occasion because one important member of the House was missing.  Of course, I am referring to Aleena who in her short time in school was very proud of Romero House.  We were privileged, however, to welcome Aleena's parents, Biju and Shemy along with family friend, Francis.  Whilst it was a sad and emotional occasion for them I know they were pleased to be there.  And finally, a huge thank you to the person who has nurtured Romero House from the very beginning and works tirelessly for every member of it.  We all owe Mr Flood a vote of thanks for the work he does every day.


Mr Foley





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