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Easter Mass 2011

The Easter Mass is always a special occasion in our school and celebrating Mass on Thursday morning, nearly at the end of a busy term, was particularly so. There is something very reverent and respectful about our celebrations to mark this great feast of the church. In today's Mass, through the help of readings, music, images and video, we journeyed to the foot of the cross. In doing so, we recognised the ways in which, through our lives, our denial of Christ or our denial of our faith, we crucify our Lord.


All of us were invited to share in this journey of Christ from death to new life. The opening ceremony of the Mass was particularly moving. Members of staff led the Penitential Rite and students dressed the cross with a crown of thorns, a red cloth, nails and a hammer to symbolise the cross of death and crucifixion.


After Communion, in our moment of stillness and quiet, we remembered all those who, at this Easter time, are in need, all those who feel sorrow and those that mourn.


This was followed by a very moving communion reflection, sung by members of the choir, while students brought up a white cloth, flowers and a candle to dress the cross of life.


After the Mass, we took the opportunity to say goodbye and thank you to Mrs Kafai who begins maternity leave.


Thank you to Father Stefan for celebrating Mass with us today and to Miss Cutler, Mr Weekes and Miss Clapham for leading the music. A special thank you goes to Mr Deneny, Mr Griffiths, Mrs Loughrey and students from More 5c and 6c who lead the liturgy so beautifully for us.


The community of St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School wishes you all a happy and holy Easter.


Anne-Marie Tibbits
Lay Chaplain

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