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World Challenge 2010 Blog

2 August 2010
Been kicked out for prisoner exams

Lucky you, you can have another blog update because we have had to down tools for the exams taking place at the education centre this morning. The local prisoners are sitting an English exam this morning and it is being invigilated by prison guards.....very surreal!

So what have we been up too since I last wrote ...

We have finished the shade netting and also managed to erect a badminton net which is cool. The painting is nearly finished and we are buying the last couple of litres to finish off the job this morning. The group are working hard although they do occasionally sneak off into the local village for some 'refreshment breaks'. ha ha ha.

Yesterday we went to a Baptist church which was an experience. It was littered with songs (which were sang in tune) and prayers, An American Bible group were working there also and they were with us for the morning. It was very much a typical 'gospel' type service with people singing and clapping and also men at the back dancing away to the hymns. After the service we were invited to have lunch and this was superb. Full of rice, chicken, beef stew and coleslaw...yummmmm. We got dropped back to the education center afterwards to continue work. Half the group continued with painting the building along with the other half helping me make some goal posts...The goal posts are still in the woodwork room and they did not gone as smoothly as other elements of the project. However, I have learnt that Johnno is a dab hand on the saw and it almost comes out straight every time.

After a couple of hours work, we had supper and sang happy birthday to Bissett. We had some scrumptious cake which was devoured as soon as it came out of the box, I decided to take a walk into the village last night to buy some supplies and found it had no street lights or sign posts anywhere! Very strange feeling. Lets just say I didn't stay there for too long.

So that's it. What do the next couple of days have in store for us ???? Tomorrow we leave the project and head back to our hostel. On Wednesday we are going to the nature reserve and experience a Cheetah encounter along with a safari game drive. Thursday - we begin our 5 day village trek.

It is hard to believe that we have been here for nearly 2 weeks now - no one has fell out (yet!) and the group seem to be getting stronger and more confident by the day. Could not be out here with a better bunch of people.

I have been told to keep the 'funny' stories off here and wait until we get home.

So until the next time

Mr McInereny

28 - 31 July 2010

It has been an emotional couple of days. We arrived at our project on Wednesday and it has been non stop work. The lady in charge has been a real task master and she is constantly finding stuff for us to do. Here is a break down of our last couple of days

We arrived at the outskirts of Old Naloladi and were immediately greeted with cries for money and help.  It was very disturbing.  An American women then stopped by the side of the road because she thought we were lost and about to make a big mistake by entering the village. It is the poorest village in Botswana; very much a shanty town.

We arrived at the prophecy after approximately a 15 min walk and the young children immediately came up to us.  We spent the rest of the afternoon playing and listening to them sing. It was very good. We were shown to our accommodation for the project - two classrooms! The day ended with the children singing before going home. The word that 'rich white people' had entered the village had finally came.  I think that once they get to know us the the 'rich' word will leave that previous statement.

Like every day so far, our day began at 7am, we washed and got ready for breakfast (I was relieved to find it was not porridge). Some of the group went to the hardware store to buy wood and netting and the rest of the group started on the laborious task of sanding the paint off the walls, doors, poles and anything else we could find to sand. The children helped also which was nice. In the afternoon, the boys and I, along with Abbey started on the netting in the nursery. The group last year started this structure but never finished it- to be honest it was a shame. We started to bolt in some nails and pretty much the whole structure fell down. We were not happy. Roll on Friday!

The painting is progressing well and the other group have made massive strides.  We began to tackle the shade netting and by the end of the day we had totally secured it to the frame and felt very pleased. The rest of the group (girls) were covered head to toe in paint. They loved it all the same. We were asked to stay in our classroom after dinner(7pm) because Friday Nights were notorious for crime in the region.

A DAY OF REST! The boys and I put up a badminton net and it is still standing at the moment. not sure how long that will last for!

I will bid goodbye here and I hope to get some of the guys to update this soon. Pictures are proving very difficult due to speed of Internet. However we will try


Mr McInereny

27th July 2010
Back from the Kalahari

Well, we are all back from living with the bushmen in one piece - no one was eaten!  We returned very smelly and sandy with everyone looking forward to our first shower in four days. We had a great time with the bushmen, living out in the wild and learning new survival skills. We will fill you all in on the many funny events of the desert when we return home.

Tomorrow we are off to our project where we will be working in our school which should be fantastic. We will update the blog when we return with more news!

Bye for now

Mr McInerney


23rd July 2010
Off to the bush

After 3 long days getting used to Botswana life, we are now heading off to the Kalahari Desert. We will be building our own huts and living true 'Bear Grylls style' for 5 days. We went to visit the project yesterday and this was very moving - we felt like celebrities.

We have shared our hostel, for the last two days, with one pig and many chickens. We went into town yesterday on the back of a truck.

A very short message because our truck is waiting - we will try and upload pictures soon.

Bye for now

Mr McInerney

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