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End of Term Letter - 20 July 2010

Dear Parents




As we come to the end of another school year I thought I should write to thank you once again for your outstanding help over the past twelve months.  The level of support given to St Thomas Aquinas by its parents is exceptional and enables us to work closely in partnership with you for the benefit of your children, our students.


There is one practical issue that I want to raise at the beginning of the summer holiday which is that we are very keen to ensure every single student is "ready to learn" when they rejoin us in September.  You may think that is a rather obvious statement but I need to outline it in a little more detail.  Our number one School Improvement Plan priority in September is as follows:


Ensure that each student is ready to learn by implementing Golden Rule 2: ‘Every day bring school bag with pen, pencil, planner and equipment.'


This year we have found that a large minority of students arrive at lessons without a pen or pencil.   This leads to unnecessary delays, needless sanctions and, worst of all, demonstrates a casualness towards learning that is simply unacceptable.  A student who does not come to school properly equipped is most unlikely to fulfil their potential.


There is one particular issue I want to mention at the beginning of the holiday and it is the school bag.   Increasingly, we are finding that the bags some students bring to school are not fit for purpose.  Some girls, in particular, bring tiny bags that appear to be fashion accessories rather than practical containers.  It is essential that all students arrive in September with a large, sturdy school bag capable of carrying several A4 size exercise books, textbooks, and folders as well as items such as cooking ingredients and PE kit.  If necessary, I encourage parents to make the purchase of a practical school bag a priority this summer.


Mindful that many students do the right thing all the time the implementation of Golden Rule 2 will be much more part of our rewards rather than our sanctions system.  Students will gain house points for being properly equipped and we will communicate regularly with parents via the student planner.


Finally, on uniform I think parents are now quite clear.  Mindful of cost, the only essential new item for September is the clip-on school tie in house colours which is available from Clive Mark or Mansuri at approximately £5.


As far as return to school arrangements go all students from Year 7 to Year 12 should return to school on Thursday 2 September.  Year 7 should be in the Hall by 8.35 am and Year 12 should enrol in the Sportshall at 9.00 am.  Everyone else should report to form at 1.45 pm.  Year 13 enrol on Friday 3 September.


We wish all our public examination students every success in the summer.  A level results will be available to students at 10.00 am on Thursday 19 August.  AS results can be collected at midday on the same day.  GCSE results can be collected by students at 10.00 am on Tuesday 24 August.


I shall write to parents again at the beginning of term.  In the meantime I wish you and your family a very happy summer holiday.


With best wishes


Jim Foley


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