Year 10 Mass Thursday 11th June

The Year 10 Mass, which took place on Thursday 11th June, was on the theme ĎA change of heartí and was filled with reminders both in art work and songs of the two Year 10 trips to Soli house earlier this year. Pupils from all year 10 forms took part in the liturgy and led the hymns on guitars, flute, violin and percussion. The communion reflection was a poignant slide show calling out to students to have a change of heart and reach out to those in need in their community. This was a very special occasion for the year group who responded with reverence and ended the mass on a celebratory note with a rousing rendition of Jesus is our Rock, although thankfully not loud enough to wake Mrs Bakerís sleeping baby daughter, Imogen, who came with her Mum to support her former form group. Thanks as always to Father Stefan who celebrated the Mass, Miss Cutler and Mr Weekes who led the musicians, and to Anne-Marie Tibbitts who worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was as it should be.

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