Bugsy Malone School Production - July 2013

The Bugsy Story

‘Bugsy Malone' is a musical comedy set in 1930s New York. Dandy Dan and his gangare armed with the latest weapon, the dreaded ‘splurge guns'. Fat Sam's gang can onlyfight back with pies and are proving no match for Dandy Dan's Gang.Blousey Brown is the new girl in town and dreams of a career in performing. Sheinstantly catches Bugsy's eye, who promises to help her get an audition. Tallulah, one ofFat Sam's girls, is determined to make it difficult for Bugsy and Blousey.While Bugsy struggles to prove his feelings for Blousey, Fat Sam tries to make a replicaof a splurge gun but this has disastrous consequences for his gang. Fat Sam turns to hisfriend, Bugsy for help.The story concludes at Fat Sam's Speakeasy, at what first appears to be a normal nightof singing and dancing. The crowds await the arrival of Dandy Dan's gang for the finalshowdown.

The ‘Bugsy' Team

It is always difficult to single out individuals for thanks but I would personally like to thank the Production Team, Nicola Mortimer, Marian Yates-Paterson and Michael Hill. We could nothave put on the show without your commitment, expertise and attention to detail. Kerrey Warr for the choreography; Justin Reynolds, Andrew Baker and Arshad Basharat, the technical team; Guy Tinsley and Alex Chew for coordinating the stagecrew and props; Alan Jaep for the fantastic splurge guns and cars; Arif Hussein for making some excellent props; Liz James and Denise Clarke for coordinating the ticket sales; the fantastic ‘sewing team', Sharon Williamson, Doris Farndon, Nuala Hickey, Linda Clark and Wilhelmina Burdon; Cerenza Green in Year 13 forcreating the video; Andrew Weekes forprogram design; James Ingram for promotion; Paul Nolan for photography;all the colleagues who helped with make up, refreshments and supervising the cast;all the musicians who were part of the band; Richard Smith, Claire Byfield and Martina Moran for your support at rehearsals; and ... Simon Howell, our wonderful Caretaker for preparing a new stage for our students to perform on and for your wonderful patience at all the extra rehearsals. On behalf of ALL the team, thank you for supporting our school production. Have a wonderful Summer!

Mrs Johnson
Head of Performing Arts


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What a triumph "Bugsy Malone" turned out to be last week.  It was good that after a gap of several years we presented a full scale production once again.  Because of examination commitments we decided that the cast would be drawn exclusively from Years 7, 8 and 9, the youngest students in the school and so whilst I thought there would be plenty of enthusiasm I was just amazed by the poise and confidence of the cast.  They began in February and the hours and hours of hard work paid off with a show that was hugely appreciated by the audience on all three nights.


Led by Patrick Hickey as Fat Sam and Jourdan Snowe as Dandy Dan a cast of over 50 deserve huge credit on a fantastic achievement.  Well done to:  Oliver Hough, Harry Rose, Hannah Smith, Phoebe Stephenson, Patrick Hickey, Jourdan Snowe, Brenaé Douglas, Lauren Bryant-McPherson, Louisa Osei, Jhon Monsanto, Shanique Morris, Jamila Morrison, Joshua Pierpoint, Toby Grasham, Lisa Mahachi, Caitlyn Williams, Amber Brown, Rebeka Don Bastiange, Chloe Jeavons, Rhema Joseph, Jordan Parton, Olivia Reed, Wiktoria Bak, Scarlett Brown, Abigail Bunting, Melanie Gibbs, Eleanor Giles, Hanna Jegina, Jane Jeley, Jessie Johnson, Jeanne Lamug, Jyothika Palakkal, Anwen Ricketts, Krystal Thomas, Charlotte Thompson, Ethan Young, Lauryn Halstead-Smith, Gabriel Hicks, Hannah Kavanagh and Katlego Singo.


And of course none of it is possible without the commitment and dedication of lots of staff and supporters behind the scenes covering a multitude of different roles - backstage, front of house, sound, lighting, promotion, props, even a sewing circle!  Thank you to everyone who helped out in any way.  Special thanks to the orchestra, provided by Birmingham Music Service which also included our own Ben Tibbits on bass guitar, Olivia Young on flute and Mr Michael Hill on trumpet from the Music Department.  Well done too to Kerry Warr our visiting choreographer.  Special thanks to Miss Nicola Mortimer who has been with us just a year but has done an amazing job in Drama.  At the other end of the spectrum Mrs Marian Yates has been with us 28 years but her enthusiasm for Dance never fails to inspire everyone around her.  And finally, to the person who put it all together and made it happen (as well as enduring an OFSTED music inspection on Wednesday!).  I refer of course to our Head of Performing Arts, Mrs Mary Johnson on a superb professional achievement.  Well done Mary!

Jim Foley



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