Coventry Cathedral Visit – 2 July 2013

On Tuesday, fourteen Year 10 students visited Coventry Cathedral, a world centre for reconciliation. Students reflected on the destruction of war and the significance of Jesus' words, ‘Father Forgive'. The original Cathedral was bombed during the Blitz in the Second World War and our tour began in the new part of the Cathedral, in the Chapel of Unity, which was built as an ecumenical movement by Church leaders born out of the sufferings of the war. Students reflected on the Gospel message of peace, love and forgiveness and listened to the story about an inspirational girl from Japan affected by the atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima in 1945. As she lay in her hospital bed, affected by the radiation and suffering from leukaemia, the young girl made paper cranes as a symbol of hope and peace and a memorial of these paper cranes is poignantly hung within the Chapel of Unity.

The contrast between the old and new Cathedral, its history and architecture remind us of our human capacity both to destroy and to reach out to our enemies in love and reconciliation. The tour of the Cathedral concluded very fittingly with a prayer service for peace, which was led by the students.

Well done to all fourteen students who were a credit to the school - Catherine Breecher, Millie Cody, Chelsey Hall, Emma Hall, Rachel Healy, George Hegenbarth, Jack Howley, Callum Green, Ethan Kiely, Shannon McLoughlin, Amy O'Connor, Daniel Plant, Lakiesha Robinson and Kelsea Simpson. Thank you also to Miss Lattimer for accompanying the students on the trip and to Mr Nolan and Mr Jaep for transporting us to and from Coventry.

Mr Miastowski
Teacher of Religious Education and Citizenship



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