Year 5 Visits to St Thomas Aquinas

On Monday and Tuesday we welcomed all the Year 5 children from St Columba's, St Paul's and Our Lady and St Rose to experience what life was like at St Thomas Aquinas School.  In the first two sessions the children had the opportunity to learn how to bake bread with Mrs McGinley. The children then moved on to Textiles with Mrs Bayliss where they designed and coloured their name, which was transferred onto their very own St Thomas Aquinas bag.  In the next two sessions, the children had the opportunity to use the fitness room with Mr Smyllie and to see how many step-ups they could do within a minute. (There were some fantastic performances!!)  In the final lesson the children worked with Miss Hampshire, a Science teacher, and had the very difficult task of trying to make a balloon float in mid-air! This was followed by a lesson on Hicks Law where the children had to guess the weight of a jar of sweets.  It was a brilliant experience for the Year 5 children and I know they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Thank you to Mrs McGinley, Mrs Bayliss, Mr Smyllie, Miss Hampshire, Mr Jaep and Mr Nolan for making it possible and we look forward to next week where we welcome the Year 5 children from St John Fisher, St Joseph's, St James, St Peter's and St Brigid's.


Mrs Linehan
Assistant Headteacher



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