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Guernsey 2012

Guernsey really was a 'trip of a lifetime' and I had an amazing time there!!!


Guernsey was full of highlights and was full of fun activities to do like going to the Beau SeJeur and doing sports like football or squash or going to the beach and running into the sea with all the others on the camp and making one giant splash. My favourite part of Guernsey was running into the sea with everyone else and paddling around in the sea!!

I was especially lucky to go on the Guernsey trip in 2012 because we got to see the olympic torch!!

In Guernsey I got two acheivements which were the sand-sculpture competition which I won with my friend Stephen Torrance by making the campsite!!
The other was the CAMPER OF THE YEAR award. This was a great acheivement to get and i was very proud of myself and I received a cup with a pencil pen rubber and ruler inside it.

All the teachers on the trip were all very kind andI got to know them in a different way.

If you get the chance to go to Guernsey I suggest you take it because you will never get another opportunity ever.

Luke Conaghan
Year 7 Student - Camper of the Year


Before going to Guernsey, teachers and past students that had been on this trip described it as a ‘once in a life time opportunity’, and now after being on this amazing trip, I couldn’t agree more! This trip is one where you experience completely new things that you’ve never experienced before, a trip where you see teachers in a new way and have fun with them, a trip where you make new friendships and build on the ones you had before, but most of all it’s a trip where you have a huge amount of fun!

Throughout this trip you take part in a variety of activities, such as visiting beautiful beaches, playing crazy golf, going to Herm Island, going cycling on Sark, visiting the Beau Sejour leisure centre and much more! This year we were extremely lucky as the Olympic torch was in Guernsey whilst we were there, so we went to see the torch and it was a truly remarkable experience!

Another fantastic day we had was the last one, during the day we were given the freedom to walk around town shopping for presents before we returned to our families. Although that was great, the night that followed was really amazing! It was the awards night and the disco - we were able to just simply have fun! That night was particularly memorable for me as I won camper of the year out of the girls! For winning this I got a few little treats but I was extremely happy as this meant I have an automatic place when I get to year 10- so I will be able to go through the whole of this wonderful experience again!

Overall Guernsey really is a truly spectacular trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to go back in year 10 and go through it all again!

Hannah Kenny

Fisher House

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