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Soli House - October 2017

Year 10 comments:

“An amazing experience! – I found out more about my faith.  I loved Alton Towers too.”  (Paris)
“It was a fun week – the bike ride and Alton Towers were the highlight.” (Rosalie)
“Free time with our friends and archery were the best.  The ‘MOO OFF’ was fun too.” (Nicole)
“The week was very good and very enjoyable.  Very memorable.  I’d definitely go again! “  (Alicia)
“One of the best trips ever..” (Matthew)
“Eventful because of all the activities every day.”  (Rachel)
"It was ‘certi!’ An experience I will never forget!” (Awa)
“It was fun because of all the activities – I made an  awesome cake!