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Bronze DofE Expedition - Blackwell

Last weekend, 43 students headed to Blackwell to undertake their qualification expedition of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Despite the weather being temperamental on the Saturday, students were in high spirits and ready to take on the task ahead. Whilst navigating around the routes, the students were being assessed on a range of skills including navigation, teamwork, leadership and camp-craft skills. Students responded well to the challenges of the expedition and this is what the award is all about - perseverance, team work and challenge. Thankfully, the weather picked up on Sunday and so did the pace of the students! This is when we see our students at their best and each group should be proud of their achievements. Well done.

A special thank you for all the support and guidance from the staff who made the expedition possible – Miss Browne, Mr Tinsley, Mr Saunderson, Mr Miastowski, Mr Flood, Mr Wesbury, and Mrs Burley.

Mr Howes and Miss Jones