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Alton Castle Retreat - May 2016

From Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 May 2016, 52 year 8 students and 5 staff visited Alton Castle for a 2 night retreat.

For the majority of the time we were away we were blessed with warm weather and sunshine, which has been a rarity on the many trips to Alton Castle our school has been on. The students were a real credit to our school. They took part in the many activities, whether prayer based or physical challenges with enthusiasm and the staff from Alton castle praised the students on many occasions for their willingness to take part in everything and their attitude.

We were particularly privileged to be able to attend the celebration Mass for the retreat on the lawn in the Castle grounds. As I’m told this was the first time this had been offered to a group on retreat, both Alton and school Staff were all very excited to attend this Mass, and it did not disappoint, we even had a glorious sunset at the end of Mass. Thanks to the Alton Castle staff the entertainment evening that followed was the best I have ever attended and our students took part with gusto and danced the night away.

There were many amazing and unforgettable moments during the 3 days and I know many students have grown in their faith, grown spiritually and met many challenges they didn’t think they would be able to complete.

A special mention goes to Logan, Tom, Josh and Michael who, while on a trek, took it in turns to give a piggyback ride to Jack who had badly sprained his ankle. They were a great example of the spirit of camaraderie that we had while on retreat. 

Special thanks go to the staff who gave up their own time to accompany the students, Mrs Jervis, Mr Miastowski, Mr Chapman and Miss Tinsley, without their help and support the retreat would not have been as successful. But the biggest thanks go to the 52 students who went on retreat. Thank you for being amazing ambassadors for our school.

Lay Chaplain