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Chaplaincy Mass at St Chad's Cathedral

On Wednesday 16 September I was privileged to accompany 5 students to the 2nd annual Chaplaincy Mass at St Chad’s Catholic Cathedral in Birmingham city centre. The Mass, organised by the Kenelm Trust and supported by the Birmingham Diocesan Education Service, is offered to recognise and encourage the Christian witness given by both Lay Chaplains and students in Catholic schools in our Diocese.

The year 9 students, Laura, Ellie, Molly, Tom and Liam, were chosen to represent many students in our school who give up their time to support the spiritual Life of the school.

During the Mass the Lay chaplains and students representing their schools were blessed by Bishop William, in support their efforts during this school year.  
Our students were wonderful ambassadors for our school and I was very proud to share the occasion with them.

Lay Chaplain