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School Masses
A Mass of Thanksgiving

It was wonderful celebrating Mass with so many families on Tuesday, to give thanks for the staff that were leaving St Thomas Aquinas.

The hall was packed with pupils and staff, both past and present.

We said goodbye to Ms Barnes, Ms Clarke, Ms Rogers, Mr Robinson, Ms Worrall, Ms McDougall, Ms Burley, Ms Leigh, Ms Camack, Mr Day , Ms Samuels, Mr Bennett, Mr Bevan, Mr Small, Mr Hathaway, Ms Killingworth, Ms Byron, Mr Limbrick, Ms Liddle, Ms Rodrigues and Mr Maphosa.  Ms Clarke spoke emotionally at the end of Mass about the 20 years of service she had done in the school.  She particularly thanked Bernard O’Connell and Martin Bond for their support in her early years.

Miss Madden talked about the service the staff had given to the pupils but most importantly the impact they have had on our young people and how they have touched the lives of the pupils in so many ways.

Another highlight of the evening was seeing so many of our pupils come and receive a praise award and prayer card for their service to God and service to others.  The younger pupils give their time as liturgy leaders and the older students for their time in Lourdes.

Mrs Bentley and Mrs Johnson provided the beautiful music and encouraged a large number of choir pupils to attend.  The psalm was sung by some musical Year 9 students. The RE teachers read and helped the pupils during the Mass. Fr Emmanuel gave a poignant sermon on leaving but moving on to pastures new and that they will always have Christ in their lives.  The staff will always be remembered by both pupils, parents and staff.

Anna O'Driscoll
Lay Chaplain