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Primary Schools
Year 8 visits to MAC primary schools to meet our prayer partners

We found out last term that we were going to have a prayer partner in one of our feeder MAC primary schools.  Mrs O’Driscoll explained that we would be praying for a pupil in Year 3 who was in their sacramental year.   We were delighted to find out that our partners would be praying for us too.

First of all, we made prayer cards for our prayer partner and sent them into their primary schools.  A visit was arranged for us to go to Mass at the feeder school.  The children in the primary schools sang beautifully.  We contributed by writing and reading the prayers of the faithful during Mass.

At St Brigid’s and St Columba’s we were given our cards after Mass and we sat and chatted with our partners.  The students who went to St Paul’s and St James’ were given squash and biscuits.  At St James’ we even had time to run around the playground and had fun playing with the primary children.

Mr Nolan, Mr Jaep, Mrs Devlin and Mr Chapman accompanied us on the visits.  Thank you for making the trips possible.  We loved them!

Chloe Walsh (Bosco House) &
Minnie Weaver (Teresa House)