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MFL Primary Event

On Wednesday 6th July we were delighted to welcome children from two of our local primary schools to St Thomas Aquinas School for a Modern Languages role-play competition. The children had been planning and practising with their teachers for several weeks and they were keen to show us what they had prepared. The children from St Joseph’s school acted their play in French, while the St Brigid’s children performed theirs in German. Each group presented a role-play set in a café, but they each had original and interesting story lines. There was a fish restaurant, “Der komplette Fisch,” which had sold out of every type of fish, except for some fish fingers. The other café was so convivial that the customers lost track of time and almost forgot to pay the bill. We were really impressed with the complex language, careful pronunciation and acting skills shown by all of the children. After much deliberation the trophy was awarded to Alfie, Millie, Megan and Levelle from St Brigid’s School. Congratulations to them and also to George, Freya and Isobel from St Joseph’s school.

I would also like to mention some of our own students from Year 8 and 9 who performed plays for our visitors. Kelcie Fallon and Aoife Hadley performed a French sketch set in a doctor’s waiting room and Aidan Higgins and Joseph McDermott entertained us with a German role-play about an unusual family. A final thank you must go to our judges, Miss Radinez and Mrs Davies, and also to Mr Nolan who saved the day by collecting the children from St Brigid’s by minibus when they were unable to book a taxi.

Mrs Bell
Head of Modern Foreign Languages