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Primary Schools
Year 6 Primary Retreat - 9 October 2013

On Wednesday 9 October 260 Year 6 students and staff from 8 Catholic feeder schools joined us for a half-day retreat. The retreat began with an assembly led by Mr Smith. School groups then went into classrooms and worked together, particularly looking at the gifts of the Holy Spirit they will be receiving this year in the sacrament of Confirmation. The retreat concluded with Mass, celebrated by Fr. Jan, with the singing and actions being ably led, again, by Mr Smith.


St Thomas Aquinas staff involved in the afternoon were very impressed by the Year 6 students, who were wonderfully behaved and fully participated in the afternoon's activities.

A big thank you to all STACS staff who supported the retreat, to Fr Jan for celebrating a lovely Mass, to the Year 8, 12 and 13 helpers who were amazing ambassadors for our school and who worked very hard.


Lay Chaplain