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Romero House Mass

On Monday, Romero House celebrated their patron, Oscar Romero, in their annual House Mass. The Theme was on New Beginnings and the students decorated their own leaves with intentions and these were used to produce our own Romero Tree of Intentions on display next to the altar. 

Our Mass was the first we have had since our Patron was Beatified last May, and both Fr Emmanuel and Ms Madden reminded us of how Oscar Romero stood up for others and how our students can stand up for others following the introduction of the MVP program. 

A huge thank you to all 28 students who volunteered their support and played an active part in the Mass, along with the choir, Mr Smith, Mr Nolan, Mrs Tibbits and of course Fr Emmanuel. A special thank you also to our 6th form volunteers (Ruth, Lianne, Becky & Tirna) who helped produce the display. 

Mr Flood 
Head of Romero House