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John Paul House Mass

John Paul House were fortunate enough to be able to come together to celebrate mass last week.

The theme of the mass was ‘courage’ and leading up to the mass each form group had been looking at what courage meant to them. They coloured pictures of people who had shown great courage in history including Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Anne Frank and more recently Malala Usafszai who courageously fought for female students in Pakistan who are unable to access an education.

Our own patron, St John Paul, showed great courage in his native Poland during the Second World War.

The mass was conducted by Father Emmanuel who spoke in his homily about having the courage to stand up for what we believe is right and trusting in God to support us when we are afraid. This was supported in the prayers and readings that students from John Paul House read so eloquently.

On top of this it was a real treat to see the Head of House, Mr. Smyllie who had left his sportswear at home and had scrubbed up very well in a suit and tie!

At the end of the mass Miss Madden praised the House for the respectful way everyone took part in the mass and I have to agree with her that it was a wonderful way to start a school day. I am sure everyone left the mass feeling that whatever they had to face, whether it’s exams for Year 11 or a challenging lesson, they would feel that little bit more courageous and able to meet their challenges after this lovely mass.

Mrs Ulmkalns
Teacher of English