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House Events
Ultimate Frisbee House Competition

Last week, house competitions in Ultimate Frisbee took place in the sports hall for all year groups. Participants were treated to a superb atmosphere created by pupil spectators cheering on their house and the way they responded by developing techniques and strategies was exceptional. For a lot of participants, this was their first attempt at playing a new sport and all teams should be commended on their ability to adapt to a new activity so quickly! Highlights included ear-splitting excitement from all of Year 7 in their first house sport competition, an inspired Year 8 Fisher team who were short on numbers but still won their play-off match and John Paul’s last minute victory in the 11A final! A huge well done must go to all participants, who applied and conducted themselves superbly over the week.

Mr Eburah
Head of Physical Education


  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year11
1st Teresa Martin Newman Martin More
2nd John Paul Bosco Fisher Teresa Romero
3rd Newman More Teresa Bosco John Paul
4th Fisher Newman Martin Fisher Newman
5th More Romero Romero Newman Martin
6th Bosco John Paul John Paul John Paul Bosco & Teresa
7th Martin Fisher Bosco Romero  
8th Romero Teresa More More Fisher