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John Paul House Mass

On Thursday 12th February John Paul House were lucky enough to be able to come and celebrate house mass together.

The theme of the mass was ‘Hearts of Justice’ and Father Julius reminded us all that our hearts are like an empty room and we can either choose to fill the room with love and use it to help other people  or we can fill it with negativity which will help neither ourselves or those around us.

Father Julius also reminded us all of our wonderful house patron, Saint John Paul, and how he, as Pope, tried to always have a heart full of love and compassion.
A highlight of the mass was a presentation that we all watched where we were shown pictures of people from around the world who are in need of our help. We all knew that our efforts to raise money during Lent, when we return after half term, will go a long way to showing that we are a house with generous hearts for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Students from every tutor contributed to the mass through the offertory procession, readings or just respectfully joining in with the mass. It was a very special start to our school day. And to top it all off we even managed to join in with the singing at the end, something that our house has not always managed to pull off.

Mrs Ulmkalns
Teacher of English