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St Thomas Aquinas Day Mass & Assembly

On Wednesday 28th January, instead of being in lessons as normal, every member of our school was in the school sports hall to celebrate the feast day of our school patron, St Thomas Aquinas.

Preparations for the day started over a week before, when students were asked to vote for the 2 students, one boy and one girl, from their form group that they considered were most ‘true to our school values’, but the results of the vote were kept a closely guarded secret until the morning of the Feast Day.

First thing in the morning on the 28th,students were in their form rooms, with tutors, writing prayers for themselves, their families, our school and the wider world. These prayers were placed into House boxes, with a special box for Year 13 and staff, and processed to the foot of the Altar at the beginning of Mass. This procession set the scene for the rest of Mass, which was a lovely way to start our morning of celebrations.  

Following break time everyone returned to the Sports Hall for the special Feast Day Assembly. At the start of the assembly Miss Madden spoke about the qualities St Thomas Aquinas showed in his life: humility, his devotion to truth and to God, his charity,  and his thirst for knowledge. She went on to say that many of the same qualities are shown by students in our school and encouraged all students to continue trying to emulate St Thomas Aquinas’ qualities in their lives.

Following Mrs Madden’s speech, Mr Smith became MC and introduced each Head of House to the stage in turn, where the names of the students who had won the form group vote for being ‘true to our school values’ were read out. All winning students were then invited onto the stage to receive their certificate from the Assistant Head teacher who supports their House group.

Following Bosco, Fisher and John Paul House award winners, we were treated to our senior student vocal group singing ‘Rolling in the deep’ by Adele. It was a great performance and all the audience joined in, clapping along to the music.

This performance was quickly followed by the Heads of House reading out the names of the award winners for Martin, More and Newman Houses. We then had another song, this time performed by the year 7 and 8 choir, singing ‘No place I’d rather be’, by Clean Bandit. This was accompanied by a slide show of photos of students, much to the enjoyment of everyone in the Hall.

The last 2 Heads of House, from Romero and Teresa and Head of Year 13 announced the final award winners. Finally the student dance group performed a dance to ‘Chandelier’ by Sia, which was a wonderful way to end our assembly. To complete our celebrations students and staff left school at lunchtime to enjoy the rest of the feast day with family and friends.

Well done and thank you to everyone involved in making both the Mass and the Assembly so successful and finally congratulations to the winners of the student vote for being ‘true to our school values’. A list of winners is below.

Lay Chaplain


BO-1A   Laine and Shyam 

BO-2A   Wing and Marcus 

BO-3B   Harley and Daniel 

BO-4B   Chloe and Alex 

BO-5C   Jessie and Kenneth 

BO-6C   Megan and Charlie 


FI-1A     Chloe and Andrew 

FI-2A     Sarah-Louise and Darnell 

FI-3B      Reyan and Pablo 

FI-4B      Katie and Max 

FI-5C      Phoebe and Ashley 

FI-6C      Danielle and Marcel 


JP-1A     Shannon and Callum 

JP-2A     Mary-Ellen and Max 

JP-3B     Lydia and Sean 

JP-4B     Merlin and Aaron 

JP-5C     Hannah and Oliver 

JP-6C     Phoebe and Reiss 


MA-1A  Jessie and Olivier

MA-2A  Caitlyn and Luke 

MA-3B  Amber and Taran 

MA-4B  Amy-Jade and Jamie 

MA-5C  Hershey  and Jordan 

MA-6C  Meg and Justin


MO-1AErika and Jake 

MO-2ALily and John 

MO-3B  Catherine and Nahom 

MO-4B  Hanna and Samuel 

MO-5C  Alexa and Samuel 

MO-6C  Jane and Bailey 



NE-1A   Zicola and Harry

NE-2A   Caitlin and Cameron 

NE-3B    Aleeya and Joshua 

NE-4B    Charlotte and Ellis 

NE-5C    Charlotte and Edcel 

NE-6C    Dorsa and Jourdan



RO-1A   Ellie and Nick 

RO-2A   Ciara and Ryan 

RO-3B   Charlotte and Joseph 

RO-4B   Camilla and Gabriel 

RO-5C   Tilly and Gus 

RO-6C   Dominika and Ciaran


TE-1A   Erykah and Liam 

TE-2A    Nadya and Sam 

TE-3B     Iris and Gregory 

TE-4B     Louisa and Laurence 

TE-5C     Savanna and Benjamin 

TE-6C     Charley and Toby 


Y13-CHI    Mary and Marcus 

Y13-ESI   Charlotte and Callum 

Y13-MBE  Talia and Anthony
Y13-JDO   Leyla and Greg