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Mission Week - 28 Jan -1 Feb
The theme ‘A Journey to Encounter Christ’ and the four key areas for reflection: Trust, Surrender, Believe, and Receive were developed fully throughout the week by the external providers, Faculties, Houses and in the celebration of the Mass
Week Overview


Throughout the week we had over 100 visitors who came to support our Mission.
• Fr Sebastian and the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal
• Youth for Christ featuring The Praise and worship Band, Rapper Guvna B, street dance crew Stance, Drum Workshops and Nomad Sports Team.
• Steve Murray -Mime Artist.
• Soli House Team/ BCYS– Youth Ministry and Vocations
• RiseTheatre – Engaging reflective gospel Drama
• House of the Open Door – Music/Drama testimonials and gospel refection’s.
• Love wise/ Life/ 40 days for Life - love and relationships, dignity and self-images as a child of God
• Visiting Guest Speakers for the House assemblies.
• Diocesan Priest – Some leading Reconciliation.
• Many Different Vocational Speakers.

Some of the Key Providers:


Mission Week Launch - 28 January 2012
After many months of planning and preparation Mission 2013 was launched this morning in style. The school sports hall has been transformed into our church for the week, and the whole school assembled with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Father Jan, our school chaplain, introduced the themes of Trust, Surrender, Believe, and Receive for Mission 2013 with the opening prayer.

The Aquinas Dance Group, choreographed by Kerry Clarke and Sinead Cannon performed a beautiful routine to Seal's version of the classic R&B track People Get Ready.

This was followed by an inspiring mime on the theme of Trust performed by Steve Murray, recounting the story Ananias's call to meet Saint Paul. Mobo award winning Guvna B, an urban contemporary gospel rapper and composer followed, introducing the theme of Surrender, engaging the school community with his unique involving style. Believe was interpreted by Stance, a dynamic street dance team, connecting with the community through dance. Their unique and innovative styles of Street Dance and Hip Hop demonstrating their commitment to spread the Gospel amongst our community.

The Receive theme was introduced by Youth for Christ with a moving interpretation of Amazing Grace setting the scene for the morning.

Again, the Aquinas Dance Group performed, this time with Beyoncé's Halo, her gospel soul classic professing her faith for her Heavenly Father. Altogether, a fantastic start to what promises to be an amazing week.

Mission Week - 29 January 2013
The feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas was an excellent way to start off our Mission Week.

Over a thousand students, staff, and mission providers gathered in the hall to give us a glimpse of the oncoming week. We were taken through the theme of the mission: ‘A Journey to Encounter Christ'

I particularly enjoyed watching and listening to the dancers and the rapper Guvna B

Following the opening ceremony the students set off to experience a wide range of activities and workshops from the people who had given up their time for this very special week.

The football session with the group called ‘Nomad' was great fun and taught us about the sacrifices Jesus made for us.

The final session of my eventful day was listening to the Sisters and Father Sebastian from the Franciscan Renewal talking about their journeys to Christ. I am looking forward to the new experiences for the rest of the week.

Patrick Hickey
Fisher 6C

House Sessions
Some students feedback:
“2013 Mission was a really faithful mission…taught me how to live closer to encounter God” (Mamoonah Year 8)

“I felt more engaged to God and I have reflected what I have done in my life” (Luke Yr. 7)

“Can we do it again?” (Lucia Year 9)

“Listen to every guest and every session carefully and try to improve your faith and complete your journey to Christ. This week is enjoyable and helpful.” (Luke Year 11)

“Mission week was really good, it was good to see different people and get to know them.” (Shannon Year 9)

“The Mission 2013 was brilliant. We got to see many different people with different stories. Yours will be even better in the future” (Bonnie Year 7)

“The Mission 2013 was fantastic! We got to find out people’s life stories and how they changed to be better people and have a better life” (Krystal Year 7)

“Communicate with God and put all your trust and belief in him…Mission Week should happen more often” (Shannon Year 10)

Mission Week - 30 January 2013
Mission week has been an amazing experience! From the opening service on Monday morning, where we were introduced to the people who would be working with us, I knew it would be a very special week. At the start of the week, we were introduced to four important words on our journey to encounter Christ, Believe, Trust, Surrender and Receive and these words have encouraged us to reflect upon where we are on our journey and our own relationships with God.

I have been involved in many different workshops from drumming with the Youth for Christ Team to exploring our faith further with the Soli House Team. Two particular highlights for me this week, have been listening to Steve Murray and the Sisters and Father Sebastian of the Franciscans of the Renewal. They shared their personal experiences and told us about how they have encountered Christ. They inspired us to think about our relationships with God, how we can be the best people we can be and showed us that his love can always help us to overcome life's troubles.

I am so thankful to have been part of this wonderful experience, for the amazing providers who have given us the courage to embrace our faith and the staff and volunteers in school who have made all of this possible. I am really looking forward to what the rest of the week holds!

Gemma Baker
More 6C

Faculty Sessions
Some student comments:
“Should do one every year, they are inspiring”

“Don’t be embarrassed to go to confession”

“I felt close to God”

“It was amazing – the best week I’ve had at school” (Yr 9)

“Mission week was fantastic, we should have it more often”

“Mission week has made me feel that I have a value”

“I feel that many people truly encountered Christ (including me)”

“It was a once in a lifetime experience”

“Loved it all, love the nuns!”

“Truly spectacular”

Mission Week - 31 January 2013
Having reached the end of Mission week, I can honestly say that it has been a truly worthwhile and enjoyable experience. To leave the normal school week behind and examine our relationship with God has been a pleasure to do, and it is good that we have taken time to do so.

All the providers have been excellent, and have helped me and many others on our journey to encounter Christ, in particular, Fr Sebastian, whose talks on Pope John Paul II, as well as many other things, were thought provoking, engaging and my personal highlight for the week. I also enjoyed our session with the members of the Franciscans of the Renewal, who were always friendly, and have completely changed my perception of those who fully commit to God.

The Mass on Thursday was a fitting end to a special week. Being joined by Archbishop Bernard Longley was a real privilege, as well as other important members of the diocese, and other parish priests. It was a reflective end to a reflective week; however it wasn't the very end. On Thursday evening, a celebration concert, led by the Youth for Christ band, gave us the opportunity to thank and praise God for the week, and reflect on what we have done during it.

Trust, surrender, believe, and receive. Those were the words that Mr Smith told us to reflect on during the week, and they are all appropriate to a journey and appropriate to our faith as well, making them an effective focus for the Mission as a whole. Personally, it has been a pleasure to be a part of, and I thank all those involved with the planning, organisation and indeed the execution of a week that I will always remember.

Haydn Cadogan
John Paul 3B

Reception with His Grace Archbishop Bernard Longley

“The mission had a profound impact on the school
creating time to reflect, review and renew our
exploration of faith and Christ in our lives.”