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Changes to 849 & 878 School Bus Services

National Express West Midlands have made changes to the 849 and 878 school bus services.

Students travelling to Northfield Town Centre will need to use the 849.

Students travelling to Groveley Lane & Longbridge town centre will need to use the 47 or 49 from the bus stops on Wychall Lane (opposite Popes Lane) and The Fairway.

Students travelling to Bristol Road South in Rednal can user either the 49 or 878

The 878E will no longer run.


We hope that this website will give you some insight into the way we work and what we offer, but we also hope it reveals something of the spirit on which we base our school.

As a Catholic school, we have a deep understanding of the meaning of community. Our mission statement "Christ is at the centre of our school community where we live, love and learn together" is at the heart of all that we do. We welcome students and staff who are not Catholics to our school but we expect everyone, without exception, to support our mission statement.

We know that in order to fulfil their potential at school, students must feel happy and secure - with friends whose company they enjoy and teachers whom they trust and respect. School is a place for work, but also a place to be enjoyed - somewhere to learn and somewhere to grow.

Clare Madden, Principal


Since 1st June 2017, I have the great honour and privilege of being appointed Head of School of St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. The role of Head of School is one that is becoming increasingly common nationally and in our Diocese. The role will underpin the work of Miss Madden who will remain as Principal of the School and Accounting Officer of the MAC. My focus will be on the daily operation of the school and securing the best outcomes for our students.

I believe a good education is a wonderful gift. Each of our children only get this precious gift once. I am determined to do everything possible to ensure your son or daughter gets the best possible start in life and leaves this school as a committed learner and exceptional person. A bold ambition but one we can achieve by working together.

I look forward to working closely with you over the next few years and I would like to ask for your prayers as we begin our work afresh.

Mr Martin, Head of School

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